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AMAC Group

The Archaeological Management & Consulting Group was formed in 1989, incorporated in 1994, and the Stanmore office was established in 1991. AMAC Group undertakes a wide range heritage and archaeological projects and our clients range from large public and private sector organisations to private individuals.


At the initial study level, our projects include Historical and Aboriginal Archaeological Assessments, Heritage Impact Statements, Site Interpretation Strategies, Mitigation Strategies and Heritage Policy Development. Our field operations span archaeological testing and comprehensive excavation, recording, survey, and archival photography. AMAC Group has many years of experience across a full range of site types including convict, maritime, domestic and commercial sites. Our personnel have excavated wharves, church and diocese lands, clerical complexes, including burials and cemeteries, as well as Aboriginal heritage sites, industrial complexes, farms, roadways, bridges, military installations, hospitals, schools and civic buildings.  

Core Staff

Principal Director

Senior Archaeologist

Jaki Baloh

Senior Archaeologist

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Director of Aboriginal Archaeology

Yolanda Pavincich

Senior Archaeologist

Kelly Strickland

Senior Archaeologist

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Melissa Kennedy (PhD)

Archaeologist, Artefact Management

Archaeologist, Photogrammetry Specialist

Elizabeth Bollen (PhD)

Museums and Interpretation

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