Principal Director


The principal director, Martin Carney (ACC 1984, AACAI Assoc. 1991, Specialist Advisory Panel Latrobe University, 2001), has been researching Australian material culture since 1977. He is published in Archaeology and History, a specialist consultant to Latrobe University and an occasional lecturer and tutor at the University of Sydney. He has been a member of the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA) since 1989.

Martin is the author of more than 160 historical archaeological assessments and excavation reports. He has acted as Excavation Director for over 140 archaeological sites in Australia. He has participated in the survey and excavation of over 190 historical archaeological and Aboriginal sites in Australia.


Since 1979 Carney has contributed, authored and co-authored papers and publications on Australian history, industrial archaeology and historical archaeology. Most recently he co-authored 'Thirsty Work'  with David Jones, a 1050 page volume on the history of soft drink manufacturers in Sydney. Martin is an acknowledged colonial and Australian ceramic and glassware artefact specialist and author of A Cordial Factory at Parramatta in the Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology (1998). Martin is a specialist on the beverage, pottery and glassmaking industries in Australia.

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