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AMAC Group

AMAC Group are a team of advanced project managers and heritage specialists adaptable to any statutory environment. Formed in 1989, our company has over 30 years of experience and our senior staff have worked together for over a decade. We are an integrated team, our Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Historic Heritage specialists collaborate daily to share their experiences and skills so that as we reliably predict outcomes and deliver the right resources at the right time for all projects. We service the eastern states of Australia and our clients range from large public and private sector organisations to private individuals.

We are committed providers of timely and accurate advice, our in-depth heritage assessments are reliable predictive models and the basis for realistic methodologies that curtail unplanned time and cost. Our most appropriate senior staff are involved from the outset of all projects and we use a system of mentorship and peer-review as a quality assurance measure in addition to independent evaluations by authorities such as Heritage NSW or Heritage Tasmania. 

For the qualifications and experience of our staff, please follow the links below:

Core Staff

Martin Carney

Principal Director

Sarah Hannan


Benjamin Streat

Aboriginal Heritage Director

Steven Vasilakis


Dr Ivana Vetta

Associate Director

Emma Williams


Kelly Strickland

Senior Archaeologist

Prue Newton


Jaki Baloh

Senior Archaeologist

Merry Christmas from AMAC Group!

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