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Dr Ivana Vetta

Associate Director


Dr Vetta is an Associate Director of AMAC Group and a Senior Project Manager. Vetta is a leading consultant and academic archaeologist for major projects in Australia and the Mediterranean.  

As a consultant in New South Wales since 2007, Vetta’s work has spanned the Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter and Illawarra regions as well as Tasmania. The Heritage Council of NSW recognises Vetta’s experience and leadership in the field as a Primary Excavation Director at State Heritage Register sites and sites with State Significant archaeology. Vetta demonstrates an ongoing ability to fulfil the criteria for an Excavation Director at an array of increasingly complex and ephemeral site types and has a wealth of experience as the senior manager of major projects on behalf of clients from government, commercial and residential backgrounds. 

Vetta has authored and co-authored over 150 archaeological assessments, applications and excavation reports and is experienced in all aspects of fieldwork and artefact management. Vetta is a mentor for the AMAC Group team and spends her free time extending her own fieldwork and academic practice through projects in the Solomon Islands, Italy, Greece and Saudi Arabia. Vetta is currently a member of the Zagora Archaeological Project team where she has acted as a Trench Supervisor since 2012. Vetta recently obtained her PhD in Archaeometallurgy through her study of an Early Iron Age settlement at Zagora on the island of Andros, Greece. Dr Vetta has also contributed her time to a field season with the Prehistoric AlUla and Khaybar Excavation Project in Saudi Arabia.

PhD Classical Archaeology, University of Sydney 

BA (Hons) Classical Archaeology, University of Sydney

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