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Jaki Baloh

Senior Archaeologist and Project Manager


As a Senior Archaeologist and Project Manager for AMAC Group, Baloh develops strong partnerships between clients and authorities for the best heritage outcomes. And, with clear and timely research, analysis and advice, Baloh’s projects are well-considered and efficient and benefit from over a decade of her experience as a consultant.

The Heritage Council of NSW recognises Baloh as a Primary Excavation Director for select locally significant S140 sites and as a Site Director for State Significant S140 sites. With several years of collaboration on major ‘design and build’ projects for the NSW Government, Baloh is also well-established in her ability to manage fast-moving projects that demand confidence and detailed liaison between senior architects, engineers, conservators, builders and authorities working on State Heritage Register or State Significant Development sites. As an author, Baloh has published or contributed to over 80 reports that assess significance or report the results of fieldwork for submission to Heritage NSW.


With field experience that began in 2007, archaeology has taken Baloh most places between Newcastle, Parramatta, Sydney and Wollongong as well as the tropical jungle of Kirakira in the Solomon Islands as an assistant to Australian Research Council grant project with the University of Sydney.

BA (Hons) Historical Archaeology (Hons Class I), University of Sydney

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