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Kelly Strickland

Senior Archaeologist and Project Manager

B. Ancient History (Hons) Macquarie University

Graduate Certificate Development Planning


Strickland’s role as a Senior Archaeologist and Project Manager for AMAC Group is supported by ten years of professional experience as a field archaeologist, researcher and project manager. Strickland leads her projects with an early and detailed understanding of the history and legislation specific to a particular site which provides a strong foundation for reliable management recommendations throughout the life cycle of a project and are proven methods to save on-site time and costs. Strickland’s projects look beyond mere compliance and seek excellence in their heritage outcomes.

The Heritage Council of NSW recognises Strickland as a Secondary Excavation Director for locally significant S140 sites. That recognition is founded on Strickland’s years of experience assessing, excavating and reporting a range of archaeological sites across wider Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter region, the Central Coast and Illawarra. As an author, Strickland has published or co-authored over 80 reports for submission to the Heritage Council of NSW and consistently succeeds in her applications for S139(4) Exceptions, S57(2) Exemptions and both S140, S60 and Fast Track s60 approvals. Strickland also shows leadership as a Site Director for both public and private sector clients working with State Significant Development (SSD) projects.

In her adventures outside Australia, Strickland was selected for field seasons with the Prehistoric AlUla and Khaybar Excavation Project in Saudi Arabia and the Macquarie University investigation at Helwan, Egypt, examining Early Dynastic Egyptian archaeology.

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