Our Archaeologists

Prue Newton

BA (Hons) - Classical Archaeology , University of Sydney
MA - Maritime Archaeology Flinders University

Prue Newton has worked as a historical archaeologist in New South Wales since 2016. Newton’s experience as a NSW consultant includes historic research, significance assessments, heritage impact statements and research designs as well as authoring or contributing to successful S139, S140 and S60 applications to Heritage NSW. Her field experience includes monitoring, test excavation and salvage excavation for projects across Parramatta, Newcastle, Morpeth, Maitland and Sydney for both historical and Aboriginal Archaeology projects. Newton has joined international and inter-state field projects to investigate terrestrial and maritime sites such as the Zagora Archaeological Project, Greece, World War II U260 submarine, Ireland, and Flinders University Barbara shipwreck, Rye, Victoria.

Emma Williams

BA, University of Sydney

Emma Williams is AMAC Group’s photogrammetry specialist and planner. She began working in historical archaeology in 2016, and her work includes historical research, archaeological assessments, site inspections, archaeological monitoring, test excavation and salvage. Emma is also specialising in artefact management. Emma has participated in international projects in Zagora and Methone, Greece, for excavation and thermal photography, and has published an article on thermography with Dr Hugh Thomas (Archaeological Prospection, 2019).

Paul Guzman

BA (Hons) – Archaeology (Honours, Class I) and Cultural Studies: Environmental Humanities, University of Sydney

Paul Guzman is a field archaeologist and office technician with a history of field experience contributing to international projects in the Middle East and South Asia. Guzman is regularly involved in historical and Aboriginal archaeology projects for AMAC Group and has years of experience as a key team member during test excavations, salvage excavations and monitoring. Guzman also assists the Excavation Directors with their compliance under the Heritage Act 1977 by facilitating their Final Archaeological Reports and Archival Records and Artefact Processing and Photography per Heritage Council of NSW guidelines and project permit conditions.

Steven Vasilakis

BA (Hons) Classical Archaeology, University of Sydney
PhD Candidate, University of Sydney

Steven J. Vasilakis has been involved in Aboriginal and Historical archaeology, since 2011, on projects across the Sydney, Illawarra, Southern Highlands, South Coast, and Newcastle regions. Steven has extensive experience in archaeological research of coastal geomorphology, sea level rise indicators and Prehistoric submerged landscapes in the Eastern Aegean and he has conducted wide-ranging anthropological fieldwork among the Greek and Turkish maritime communities internationally. Currently, Vasilakis’s qualifications provide a supporting role to authors of archaeological assessments in NSW that require close consultation with Aboriginal Communities in all areas of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management, such as Archaeological Research Designs and Test Excavation Methodologies, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Reports, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans, and Due Diligence Assessments.

Sarah Hannan

BA (Hons Pending) - Archaeology, The Australian National University

In her work for AMAC Group, Sarah Hannan is an archaeologist who assists with community consultation, reporting, survey and excavation for Aboriginal Archaeology. Hannan’s tertiary level of research experience means she has quickly progressed to assist the AMAC Group supervisors and Directors in their authorship of Due Diligence Reports, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments and Aboriginal Cultural Management Plans. Hannan’s assessments are completed to compliance with the relevant legislation and in consultation with Registered Aboriginal Parties, authorities, and clients. Hannan’s field experiences covers both Australian and English archaeology where she has honed her skills as an independent excavator, a capable supervisor and a diligent creator of field and archival records. Her range of duties include site plans and photography, artefact photography, processing and analysis, field surveys and mapping, and flotation for environmental analysis.